Global Partnership

During the recent South Pacific Region Conference, we were blessed with many prophetic words. One that came through very clearly referred to the South Pacific Region being the position on the globe that witnessed the sunrise first every day. We were then encouraged to partner with Holy Spirit in the coming of the next great awakening, that like the sunrise will be seen first throughout the South Pacific Region and spread to cover all the nations of the earth.

Aglow International New Zealand: let us embrace our geographical position in the South Pacific and our prophetic anointing as Children of the Most High God and be the Sunrise of His Awakening over the whole earth. By becoming a Global Partner in Aglow International New Zealand, you are making a commitment to Aglow and committing to further the Kingdom of God in your area and in the Nation of New Zealand, whilst also becoming part of this world wide ministry.

Aglow International is one of the largest Christian organisations in the world with more than 2 million women and men, who meet in 3,900 local groups in over 170 nations. Each year Aglow impacts an estimated 17 million people through prayer, evangelism and compassion ministries.

To become a Global Partner in Aglow, you must agree with the statement of What We Believe, which can be found in the About page here.

Global Partnership is $40 per financial year,  1st April to 31st March. Pay at your nearest Aglow, who will send on to National Office a part of that, who in turn send some to International Aglow. This means you support the local Aglow, the National Aglow and also the International Aglow, becoming a Global Partner. The benefits include Newsletters, Information re events, such as Conventions, Zoom Prayer meetings, Zoom meetings with all the South Pacific.

Disclaimer ​ By joining Global Partnership you give permission for Aglow International New Zealand to securely hold the information provided to us. We do not sell or pass on this information to any parties outside of Aglow. Your information is used for the purposes of sending you information and updates about Aglow. We will also send you invites to Aglow events in your area, and send a monthly newsletter via email. ​ If you have any questions about how your information is stored and used, please contact us here.