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May 2017
May 2016
Aglow International, New Zealand

What an amazing National Aglow Convention we had. We heard the Holy Spirit say: Go to Christchurch! There is no doubt by being obedient, moving in unity, that we were all touched on many levels. Graham brought amazing Kingdom truth again and again. Encouraged us to ‘Dream Big’ and brought lots of powerful gems:

  • All of Heaven is attracted to the Jesus in you.
  • We are never alone, having three in one in us; God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Graham’s objectives:

  1. To keep introducing something reformational, what the Gospel really is.
  2. To open up the prophetic future of New Zealand, this he did in each of his sessions. On the last night Graham brought forth 2 prophetic words: One for Christchurch and one for New Zealand
  3. To overwhelm NZ with God’s promises, the bigness of it.
We certainly had, at our National Convention, ‘The Building Prophet’ in the House: Graham Cooke. Aglow NZ has again experienced a huge ‘shift’ by what Graham is carrying. Many of our key Aglow leaders said:
  • We will never be the same, they could literally feel a deep change within themselves.
  • One of our leaders said, her circuits were fried, the reality of what was shared had hit her.
  • Many have shared how they went home on fire and transformed. They could feel a very tangible change and they knew that they knew they had an encounter with God.

These amazing encounters will have a transformational flow on effect throughout the Ministry and will change lives. We are encouraging fellowship leaders to protect what has happened to them, to share with others and to have fresh eyes to what is now ‘old wineskin’ in this new season. To have courage to let go and give way to the ‘new wineskin’, we don’t want to miss anything of what the Holy Spirit is doing.

We had many wonderful Church leaders join us, we were honored and blessed to have them join us. And they in turn said: how honored they were to be part of the Aglow Convention and could see how we were embracing ‘Kingdom thinking’. It really is exciting to tangibly see God connecting the Body of Christ.

One overseas Ministry Leader said, ‘I have been to many conferences because of my calling, but this one was so powerfully different’. When I asked him what he meant, his reply was: “There is an incredible unity, amazing love shown, no hierarchy, and all your focus was on Him”. This was a wonderful summation for us.

We know Aglow NZ is moving even more into her apostolic calling and is certainly becoming a true ‘Game Changer’ which is why I have included this extract from Jane Hansen-Hoyt’s latest blog as further encouragement to us ALL:

The Legacy Continues

From time to time, Aglow has received powerfully anointed words related to this ministry’s call, destiny, and future. Catherine Brown, a well-known prophetic voice from Scotland, is one such voice:

“I saw the Lord holding the word ‘Aglow’ in His hands. He lifted it to His lips and kissed it and the Breath of God moved on the word ‘Aglow’ causing it to grow wings, eyes, hands, and feet. Symbolically, this means having the ability to perceive spiritual prophetic wisdom and understanding (eyes), to move in faith in witness and works (hands and feet), and to soar in the purposes and plans of God in worship and testimony (wings). I heard the Spirit of the Lord say that He is causing Aglow to reach out, to speak out, and to spread out in a measure that the women (and men) of Aglow have not yet experienced.

I saw the word ‘Destiny’ come alongside ‘Aglow,’ and in the hands of Christ, there was a divine fusion between the two and the Lord said, ‘Acceleration and multiplication for the witness, the worship, and the work of Aglow.’ When destiny and ministry are fused in the timing of Christ, abundant fruit is produced to the glory of God.“Jane says: I agree with the prophetic word that, “the Lord holds Aglow in His hands.” I also agree that He has caused Aglow to, “grow wings, eyes, hands, and feet.” Aglow has “reached out, spoken out, and spread out” over the years, and we have sensed our DESTINY as the Lord has unfolded our future over a period of time.

I believe that we are at a new pinnacle, a new tipping point, and greater point of destiny than ever before. God has formed a company of men and women who are not afraid of challenges, who will not shrink back from today’s realities. He has trained us, formed us, and made us fit for the day in which we live. l also believe He has made a way for us to move forward in powerful ways and you are a part of that.

What a timely and powerful Word to come from Aglow International, to follow a timely and powerful NZ Aglow National Convention
Our two other Speakers: Kevin Hight and Lynley Allan, also played a very significant and powerful part in our Convention. Friday evening saw Lynley lead us into a wonderful time of moving freely with the Holy Spirit and during the extended worship: Depression rolled off, rejection rolled off, shoulders healed, a wonderful atmosphere where people were set free. I loved it when Lynley said: ‘We don’t need more anointing, we need to learn how to RELEASE the anointing that is within’, wow.

Over the last 2 weeks I have not been able to get away from Kevin Hight’s message ‘to us, to Aglow’. I listened to Kevin’s Session fully once, twice and then kept being drawn back until I have now listened to it at least 14 times. I keep asking God what is it you are wanting me to hear, to feel ‘spirit to spirit’, the Holy Spirit continues to say: ‘keep listening’. So Aglow, I encourage you to listen and re-listen to what our National Aglow Advisor has carried for many months to be released at our National Convention. As you listen let the Holy Spirit unwrap the message. Kevin also brings a link to Graham’s prophetic 2014 word which in turn takes us forward.

Saturday afternoon in Cathedral Square:
Our purpose: To pierce the atmosphere with praise and worship, joy and hope, we were not going in to judge, cast out or down anything. Holy Spirit showed us to divide into four groups:
  • Banners – lead by Marianne O’Connell, there were 42 people carrying colorful banners.
  • Spontaneous Worship - Musicians LJ & David Southern and people singing
  • Intercessors - moved individually and in groups, around the square praying
  • Transformation / Outreach team of around 30 people led by Ngaire Harvey
Some of the Testimonies from this impacting time in the Square:
  • 6 people gave their hearts to the Lord (that were recorded), physical healings (mind, legs, arms, backs), prayers of love and encouragement, prophetic words; and many invitations to come to the evening meeting.
  • One young man was at the bus stop. A team member shared the love of Christ and he was so touched. Found out later that he went home to his girlfriend and asked if she would mind about going to church with him. He had a drawing to go back to church. She was more than willing and had wanted to go to church.
  • One man who had no hope, and didn't know what to do with him, was prayed for. His face changed from sadness to joy.
  • A German man who did not have a faith, was prayed for. He was encouraged that Jesus had planted a plan and purpose in his life and was accepting that God would be giving him encounters in line with his dream. He was accepting and his countenance changed to excitement.
  • Woman had her daughter in hospital in ICU and the family was very anxious about what was going to happen. She was covered in love, and sensed a peace over her. There were words of encouragement and hope given to her.
  • A woman had a belief but could not understand how people could be so joyful. The team ministered to her and she was asking about what the Holy Spirit was. She stayed and joined in with the group.
  • A man had a very painful arm and could not move it very much. As we laid hands on his arm he felt a warmth going through his body and he could move his arm with such improvement. We believed God was continuing the healing as we kept speaking to him.
A Thai lady approached one of the ladies and asked, "What's all this about?" She was fascinated with the flags! She told her that the flags represent a small part of our purpose. We are all Christians and have come to Christchurch and to tell people ‘In person’, that Jesus loves and died for them. She looked shocked but asked if the flags were the only way to do that? She knew who God is, but didn't know Jesus or Holy Spirit! I asked her if she would like to know. She appeared awkward, but indicated yes. She repeated after me salvation acknowledgment, repentance and acceptance. What an Amazing sense of Divine timing. She cried and laughed all at once. I asked her if she was ok, "Yes, I didn't know there was such a love!” she cried. She got caught up in the crowd. But left hugging and crying.

The Chess Guy. (said everyone knows him as Bro), he and his friends were in a game of chess as I was mingling. We greeted each other in Maori. He asked if I would stand in the gap as his opponent had taken a piece. His words... "Will you stand in the gap and be my Queen?" What an honor!! Opportunity!! Yay. I replied, "I will make a deal with you, and challenge you, but you will have to say Yes first!!" "Ok" he says. I said..."The deal and challenge is. I will stand in the gap as Queen, if you will accept 'The King of Kings'" He gave me a huge hug and said in my ear..." I am a backslider" so I said "Jesus loves you Bro. You need to slide your backside back in!"

I was given two tracks that one of the Outreach Team had to spare. Gave one to Bro and asked Holy Spirit to show me where the Thai lady was, to give the other track to. Found her. Told them separately about La Vida meeting that night: Bro came, we acknowledged each other (I was ministering, and Got lost in the crowd). As we left the venue that night, one of the ushers handed me a track, with a Holy hug from the Thai lady.

A lady had a banner called ‘Breaking the Chains’. She was so pleased to have such a strong banner, with a meaning. The first banner she had been given was white, and it meant nothing to her. But with the Breaking the Chains banner this lady prayed for a local lady who was lonely, and had issues with her family members. It made a difference to the lady.

Prayed for a Swedish tourist who was skateboarding in the square. They prayed for the barriers that stopped this young man from seeing the Lord be broken. And then his skateboard broke! A young woman especially asked for the white banner. She knew that it represented the Muslim people. When she returned the banner she said what a great time it had been. She had imagined herself in the Middle East, and she had prayed the whole time for all the Muslims there.

Be encouraged by these Testimonies and whether during this afternoon in Cathedral Square of ‘piercing the atmosphere’ or at the La Vida Venue ‘piercing the atmosphere’ you/we have made an impact. We have done what the Holy Spirit has asked us to do and by faith we stand with Graham Cooke’s final words at Convention: THE WATER LEVEL IS RISING.

Wednesday 27 March, The National Board, are meeting with our two National Advisors to further discuss our Convention and how to best move forward in all that God is revealing and asking us to do and to be. Journey with us and please share what the Holy Spirit reveals to you.

Love and abundant blessing to you all, from us all. Linda, Glenda, Margaret and Jeanette. xxxx
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December 2013

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Read Online

International Conference Orlando, USA

Report from Julie Thomson and Margaret Hewlett

We had only enough money to book airline tickets to travel to Orlando for the International Conference and that step of faith was all God needed to follow up with beautiful gifts of money for us. He is so kind.

We both felt that we were at a banquet feeding on teachings that at times made us gasp in the revelations and wisdom. We absolutely loved the sessions by Graham Cooke who encouraged us to be ones who not only "bear" God's Presence but who also "bring" His Presence. He said that our greatest role is to teach how to lead others into His presence.

We loved the way Jane Hansen drew us on by reminding us of the Words God has spoken to Aglow over the years.

What an opportunity to see the reality of the Kingdom of God by being surrounded by so many nationalities, 104 in fact, and everyone loving the King of Kings

See you there next time!

Margaret Hewlett
National Board
Myra Tautau
Wellington Samoan Aglow
Mere Ratuva

‘Joy to the world the Lord has come.
Let earth receive her King….’

As we have allowed the Holy Spirit to inspire and lead us throughout 2013 with dreams, visions and prophetic words it has impacted our local Fellowships, Prayer Groups, Outreaches, flowing into the amazing Regional Day Retreats, and Regional Conferences, what a wonderful year we have had. 

We have reached out to hundreds of people, I know they have been gloriously and wondrously touched by our God. And, I know too, it has brought great pleasure to the heart of our Lord.

Now we are entering into a very precious season where we will soon be celebrating the birth of Jesus, our Lord and Saviour. An amazing moment where He brought ‘heaven to earth’ and as it says in Romans 14:17, ‘for the Kingdom of God is not eating and drinking but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit’.

Let God arise afresh in this season, allowing the light, the joy, the peace of Jesus to flow from you to your families, your friends, your neighbourhood’. That they may see and know there is a God in heaven who truly loves them with an amazing love.

I encourage you to allow the Joy of the Lord, which is your strength, your energy, your wisdom, to bubble up and keep you flowing in the ‘Fruit of the Spirit’, Galatians 5:22 ‘love, joy, peace, patient, kindness, goodness, faithfulness”.

Have a wonderful Christmas, be refreshed, and enjoy your precious family and friends, and, take time to rejoice in our wonderful God, the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.


Love and blessings

Jeanette Ward
National President



National Board Members

  • Linda Whitchelo
    • Finance
  • Margaret Hewlett
    • Membership
    • Affiliations
  • Jeanette Ward
    • National President
  • Julie Thomson;
    • Administration
  • Glenda Farr
    • Publications
    • PA to President
Margaret and Julie will be joining us in the office on Feb 3rd 2014
Please pray as they prepare to move to Wellington


Wielding Banners
for Worship and Warfare

“Every now and then throughout history, God raises up someone with an anointing to break through and establish something new. The opinions and thoughts of man will not deter them, for they are carrying a brand-new weapon in God’s heavenly arsenal to be unfurled against the enemy.

Flags and banners have been around for many years, but David Stanfield is emerging with a fresh insight into their use. He clearly carries the ‘touch of God’ on his life. David carries a cutting-edge anointing for the strategic and powerful release of flags and banners to be used for worship and warfare in the great ‘End Time Army’.

God is using David and has uniquely gifted him to harness and train exuberant banner wavers of all ages and gender, bringing strategic order and purpose and a correct and biblical understanding of their use.”

Saturday 7th December 10am – 4.30pm Workshop
7pm – 9pm Worship Evening

Life Light Church, 703 Wairere Drive, Chartwell, Hamilton
Registration: $25

For Further Information Contact
Hilary Stewart – 07 826 7784 –

We would appreciate knowing you plan to attend!!!


Brenda Sio, National President of Samoa visited Wellington in August 2013. Brenda was hosted by the Wellington Samoan Aglow and attended their 5th birthday. It was an amazing few days and during this time two ladies and the husband of another lady gave their hearts to the Lord.

Myra, Brenda and Jeanette Wellington Samoan Aglow
Myra Tautau, Brenda Sio
and Jeanette Ward
Wellington Samoan Aglow


Dunedin Combined Aglow’s Expo

It was 10am on Wednesday, 18th September. The time of the Dunedin Combined Aglows’ expo had arrived. It was a beautiful sunny Dunedin day. With flyers out, posters up, adverts on radio, television and on Facebook, and with much prayer and believing God had gone before us, we waited with much excitement and anticipation. We thanked God for the weather and for young mums. We believed He would bring them in.

We were not disappointed. People were slow to arrive at first. But throughout the morning there were people in the hall that had come through the various forms of advertising. There were several young mums and dads pushing pushchairs with babies, as well as men and women of all ages. Some stayed for just a little while. Others stayed for the whole morning getting to know more about Aglow in the city. Most took our newsletter / invitation explaining when and where Aglow takes place in Dunedin.

We were very pleased by all the work done to make the day inviting to people. There were wrapped cupcakes and chocolates for all the adults who attended; muffins, cakes and sandwiches for the free morning tea;  cakes and sweets etc to sell as a fundraiser for Aglow New Zealand’s spring offering. There were balloons, chips and popcorn to give away to the children. We had lollies for a lolly scramble, but the children weren’t quite old enough. There were free hand massages;  free children’s haircuts (except it was adults who took advantage of it).

Everyone was so enthusiastic that several took the stall to the street, to invite people in. And people who were passing by changed their minds and were enticed in. A big thank you to all who worked together to be the face of Jesus in South Dunedin, and to those who prayed. But most of all we thank God. He does go before us and lead us on great adventures together.




Auckland, Northland and Central West Regions

In July had a “Fan the Flame” Day with Guest Speaker, Vanessa Schlogl.  This was so inspiring that Vanessa was invited back to fan the flames higher.

Yvonne (NFR) tells how she was wondering if she was doing the right thing having another day retreat so soon after the one in July. She was sitting in her car at a BP service station waiting for her husband to pay for petrol, when her eye caught the logo on a bag of kindling stacked by the main entrance - ABLAZE!  Immediately she sensed the Spirit of God saying that hearts are ready all around us, like that kindling, to be ignited into a mighty fire for His purposes to be unleashed in the earth, and they're just waiting for the fire in you to ignite them into glorious flame, burning up the works of the enemy, releasing the light and love of Jesus, the blazing Sun of Righteousness risen with healing in His wings in the hearts of His people (Mal 4:2).

Let us be not just smouldering embers and members who go to meetings (although that IS important and we love meeting with you), but people of God who are:

Fired up and on fire for Him!




Fire of God blaze in my heart
Blaze in my heart Fire of God
Not a fire in a fireplace
Tucked away in a cosy space
But a fire wild and free
Ablaze for all to see
Leaping over firebreaks
Devastating enemy ranks
Setting prisoners free
Opening eyes to see...

Yvonne Bartlett



Lower North Island Region

“Transformed by Beholding His Glory”
13 – 15th Sept at Waikanae.

Saturday morning each Aglow was asked to present the different aspects of the furnishings of Moses’ Tabernacle, with relevant Scriptures, and physical symbols to illustrate each aspect. This culminated in the High Priest entering the Holy of Holies, and leading into worship



South Island Conference

1st – 3rd November

The Voice of God
"The Sounds of Heaven here on Earth"

Guest speakers: Len and Linda Buttner and Gail Langdon

It was evident that all those present, including leaders, Pastors, Aglow members and friends, were touched by a wonderful move of God, impacting their lives and also the region.



Central East Region

On 5th October This region had “a day of refreshing and renewal, focussing on stepping up to take our place” with Pastors Peter and Ros Johnston.

One of the features of the day was the birthing of "Prayer Clusters." A vision carried for quite some time by Anne Claessens, National Field Rep. for this region.

Here are some of the Praise reports:

"I loved the message about God’s fire and holiness burning out all our dross so we can be pure vessels for Him and for His glory only. It was lovely to break into groups for prophecy and later for prayer too."

"I believe it was the best time with the Lord I have ever been to, and several of my friends agreed with me."

"Y.... (Jewish) came to the Saturday Retreat day and was greatly blessed. Right from the start, she said to me she felt a great love for Israel in that place. It was a delight for me to introduce her to many Christians who love Israel and the Jewish people."


Dunedin’s Light Party

(Light Parties are events held on the 31st October as an alternative to Halloween.)

On 31st October 19 volunteers from Dunedin Evening, Dunedin Day and Mosgiel Aglows arrived to help serving coffee, tea and gooey slab cake to the volunteers and parents at the first Light Party to be held at the Forsyth Barr Stadium. It was such a blessing to be a part of such a significant event. There were bouncy castles, face painting, candyfloss, balloon animals, games, crafts, etc. There were in excess of 4000 people at the event. It was a wonderful occasion where the Christians of Dunedin plus other volunteers came together to bless the families of Dunedin, and it was great that the Aglow family could be part of it.




Have a wonderful
Christ filled Christmas

with love from the National Board

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July 2012

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July 2012

We have just had a wonderful time of praise & prayer in the office, & everything within us says, write to the girls, write to the Nation & let them know what is happening round about.

We realise that fancy newsletters are not yet happening !!! …. How we would love them to be going out via the website, but we just don’t have the man hours to go there ….. Yet!

None the less, LOTS of great things are happening around the Nation & we want you to be up with the news …. So here goes …. No frills …. But really good news!!

  • Like the young Mums group beginning in Upper Hutt. Dear Marie Gunn has had this on her heart for ages & has now come forward to lead a group for the Mums of littlies. Alleluia! Please rejoice with us in this & pray that Marie will be blessed with wisdom & discernment & provision.
  • In Whakatane there are teens meeting with Denise Richardson. Wow! We have been seeking the Lord for the teens to come in for ages …. & here they are! Pray that they will hear the Word of the Lord, receive His love & become the women they are destined to be in Christ, impacting their generation for good. Bless you Denise (& David) for your faith & courage to step up to this call

Do you know about our terrific teens in Auckland who meet with Stacey Pretorious? How amazing these girls are! From Stacey’s recent report …. “Last Tuesday we had an incredible time together. We re-fuelled the vision : to empower & equip the girls for the will of God. Our meeting started with worship (so freeing) & we had communion, & explained to them what it was about. They each received something new about communion. After that we sung Worthy is the Lamb & Nothing But the Blood, & they all sung along … I could hear the reverence they had for God, it was incredible. This meeting was so fruitful & jam-packed with application, filling of the Holy Spirit & fellowship – yet there was no heavy burden put on my shoulders – God had it all under control as He always does”

  • And then there’s the Helensville group north of Auckland. NFR Yvonne Bartlett has been reaching out together with others from Auckland, & lo & behold we discover that years ago the Area Board had prayed for a group there. He goes ahead every time. Bless you Yvonne for your relentless belief that God is making a way & calling these ones into His Kingdom.our text here...
  • Let’s not forget the Samoan groups that are relatively new – not yet affiliated, but hard working for the Lord & oh so full of praise & encouragement. We rejoice in knowing that these groups are stretching & growing.
  • And way down south in Winton a new group will begin on Aug 17th. For joy, for joy! To Nola & the team, plus Sharon their NFR, you go girls! Keep praising, keep honouring our mighty God & He will lead you.

To every Aglow throughout this Nation, we say we love you. We love you for who you are. We love you for what you are doing. We love reading your newsletters & minutes & emails & meeting feedbacks, because we can see so clearly the love of the Lord & grace for which Aglow is well known, is being shared & this Ministry IS making a difference in this Nation.

Aglow is being built up & restored & strengthened! Praise God for what He is doing, breathing new life into us. We bless the pray-ers, those who stand & those who fast & those who seek His face. We bless you for your faithfulness & we thank God for each one.

A few testimonies ….

  • In Waihi - 6 new ladies came to a meeting off the street, 5 of them young (we like to hear that don’t we?) & 1 of them received a healing.
  • One lady received deliverance & spiritual surgery for her back
  • Another lady with Parkinsons was prayed for – she took shuffling tiny steps, but was encouraged to keep her eyes on Jesus, like Peter walking on water. Coming out of the door, into the corridor, with Sara (a new girl today), this woman then took proper steps walking. After prayer, her left hand stopped shaking & there was much reduced tremor in the right hand. And Sara received healing from cancer!
  • In Levin – praise God for Tracey, a visitor to our meeting, who gave her heart to Jesus! She was very excited by this & had previously thought that she wasn’t good enough to go to Church!!
  • From Auckland Central – they have an Iranian man, who has become a Christian, coming to their prayer for Muslim people. At one meeting he confronted one of our lady members, who is an ordained preacher, about her right to preach as a woman! (some things take time to change!) We quickly got into worship (well done girls) & had an amazing time of prayer.
  • In Christchurch – these girls meet in Julie’s garage remember – we affectionately call it the Garage Aglow – We were blessed by having a new lady from USA join us. There seems to always be someone arrive who has been connected with Aglow in the past. Our President, Julie, opened the meeting & then our ‘format’ which is ‘no format’ was followed by people sitting in the chair to share. This came out of spontaneous love songs to the Lord, & an awareness of the Lord’s compassion. Then the anointing changed to healing. We had an earthquake in the middle of it, but everyone felt safe. We will have to buy more chairs!! Praise God!
  • From Mosgiel – always wonderful prophetic words to edify come from these girls. Plus at one meeting, one physical healing & 2 emotional healings (no further details given). Another member was able to share with surgeons (while in hospital recently) how the Lord put her dislocated shoulder back, just as the ambulance pulled into the hospital grounds. Also how the Lord had brought back sight to one eye after the Dr had told her there was nothing more they could do for her.
  • And from another Aglow – a very special leader has been struggling with her health & we have just heard that after 18 years on blood pressure medication she is now off it!

Please do keep the testimonies rolling in!


Did you know there is an increasing trend for people who have been touched by the Aglow Ministry in years gone by, to now return??? Every week more memberships are coming in from people who haven’t been members for years. And did you know that we have had an increase of 50 new members onto the Data Base in the last 6 months?? All glory to God!

We now have 502 financial members
(that means paid to either 2012 0r 2013) & 764 on the data base.
Our desire?? Double that Lord!!!

Hokonui – 30 in March
Palmerston North - 30 in June
 Levin - 30 in July
Waikanae - 20 in July

Now that’s worth celebrating – the faithfulness of God

Do you know that we have had an unusually high number of new leaders joining us mid-year? A warm welcome to 10 new leaders to the wonderful world of Aglow Leadership. May you stretch & grow in Aglow! Speaking of wonderful leaders … we farewell Heather-Ann Hodgkinson (NFR – Central West Region North Island) … Heather Ann & her husband are enjoying a motor home tour of NZ, so don’t be surprised if she turns up at your place!! We thank you Heather Ann, & send our love with you on your ‘tour’ (The position of NFR in this Region has yet to be filled)

As we zoom towards conference 2012, we keep praying (as ya do) & we ‘see’ people coming in … eager to hear & praise & worship & just be with Him. We keep hearing the Lord say He is making the way clear & smooth, so we trust Him to do just that for all who would say yes, I am going!!. We sense there are some who are dallying around the thought that they can’t afford it …. Ha! That is a lie from the enemy!

Enquire of the Lord… Am I meant to go Lord? Then ask & believe for His provision. We pray for courage to put your hand to the plough & make a decision to just come. Come & be blessed. Come & be re-connected to your sisters & brothers in faith. Come & rejoice together in all that He is. We loved hearing from one young leader … it will take a miracle (she said) …. He’s into miracles (we said) then …. “it's a stretch but I've already decided that I'm gonna be there - I dunno how yet but I'm gonna be there” Bless you for your faith Sarah!

“And my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in Glory” Phil 4:19

We (Jeanette & Judy) love it when Linda comes into the office singing …
the other day it was,
(sing with me) Our God is so good, so strong & so mighty
There is nothing our God cannot do!
Let that be your anthem of praise today!

We are so looking forward to seeing you all at conference & our Aglow family being in one place to receive all that the Lord has for us

From all the team,
Jeanette, Linda, Mary & Judy
we send much love to you & your families.

From Jane Hansen-Hoyt….

Aglow Logo


As the leader of this ministry, I boldly proclaim that I am looking for a fresh move of God’s Spirit within Aglow! There is a quickening Spirit upon the truths that He is making so real to us at this time. This fresh impetus of His Spirit is causing us to move to a glorious new place in the Spirit. We have come into a new place. Old things are passing away and new things are emerging!

Our New Tag Line is …

Every Nation Touched, Every Heart Changed



June 2013

Aglow Logo


JUNE 2013

Greetings to all from National Office in wonderful Wellington!

Who can believe it’s suddenly almost the middle of the year!!

We’ve been talking about suddenlies in here today, and hope, and the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, Oh how wonderful is His grace! Hope you’re aware of His grace and His hope being with you today, through all your suddenlies!!! :-)

Lots of news to share, so here we go...

Most will have heard by now that our year began with an awesome time shared with Leaders from around the Nation. Our annual Leadership Summit has become known as a time of “Training for Reigning” because that’s where we’re at, and every situation in life is training us for reigning with Him!

Among the treats shared, was a visit to the National Office. We realise that many have not had the opportunity to see where we work, so it was great to welcome everyone in, enjoy some afternoon tea (of course), followed by some teaching, sharing and praying on home base. It was a fabulous afternoon. But the real highlight is being together to hear what the Lord is saying to us.


“On the front steps – they all look a happy bunch!”


“Waving goodbye as the team head back to Wellington”

Rudy Oversluizen spoke on “Baptism with FIRE”
He reminded us that we cannot choose between the Spirit and fire,
there is one baptism, we are baptised with WATER, AND with FIRE!!
Ponder that one!

Robyn MacFarlane spoke on our “Royal Call”. We are a royal priesthood, a Holy Nation, created for glory, we are God’s Masterpiece, a chosen generation.  Some may say we have heard this before, but just because we had dinner last night, it doesn’t mean we don’t need to eat again tonight.  How wonderful that we can hear and choose to live in these Truths day in and day out.

Kevin Hight reminded us that we are carriers of the resurrected Christ, and carriers of revival. Kevin expanded our thinking on 2 Tim 1:7. He spoke of walking in the power of unconditional LOVE, Holy Spirit FIRE and Jesus' JOY. Kevin brought a personal and timely word for Aglow corporately, and for each person present. It was great to hear the speakers words dovetailing, as if the Lord was saying, "I have repeated that... did you receive it"?

After Summit our leaders spoke of being in awe of the Presence of our Holy God. Many have said they have been unable to put into words what happened, but they have been changed. Thankyou Jesus!


We used to say “stretch and grow in Aglow” so, we warmly welcome the following ladies to a season of stretching and growing in Aglow leadership!!

  • Janet Lugert Auckland West)
  • Liz Matthews (Whangarei)
  • Nancy Aldridge (Hokonui)
  • Corrin Van Heerden (Mt Maunganui)
  • Norma Hall (Dunedin Evening)
  • Chris Simpson (Mosgiel)

Also, a big welcome back to Jean Scott (Thames) and Laraine Bennett (President, New Aglow, Auckland East). We love to hear of leaders coming back for more! Fabulous! A big thank you to all for being willing to put your hand to the plough. There are several other Leadership applications in process, it’s a busy year! We also bless Lyn Dodds in Hokonui, Kay Payne in Mosgiel and Barbera Wiseman in Hamilton as these new Presidents take up their mantles.



Some of you may not have caught up with the news that our lovely NFR, Anne Donker, from the Northern region has recently resigned. Anne has blessed so many with her encouragement, teaching and wise leadership over more than 13 years. She was farewelled by the team in Whangarei, we add our blessings to her as she leaves to embrace a new season in her life. Thanks for the memories Anne!




It’s the beginning of a new financial year and that means its membership time again!

ONLY $40 per year:
EXCEPTIONAL value to belong to and receive the blessing that runs from Aglow International down to us!

Remembering too the value of giving and investing into this life giving Ministry.



Coming together as regional groups is a brilliant, important and uplifting part of our year. Having seen the unity and the joy on the faces of the women at Summit, we encourage each one to note calendars for an Aglow Retreat near you.

  • Auckland/Northland/Central West North Island: Retreat Day, July 13th, “Fanning the Flames” with Vanessa Schlogl

  • East North Island: Retreat Day, End of September, details available soon

  • West North Island: Retreat Day, July 13th, combining with Auckland Region

  • Lower North Island: September 13-15, “The Tabernacle”

  • South Island Regions: Combining in November, “The Voice of God”

Please contact National Office for further details.





Birthday greetings and congratulations to Hokonui, celebrating 30 years. How amazing to know that Aglow women and men have been making an impact in Hokonui for all these years.

Cutting the cake are our 1st Hokonui President, Averil McRae, and our current President, Lyn Dodds.  Fabulous!





You will have heard of the girls in Christchurch who have been meeting in the leader’s garage since the earthquakes!  They recently had a garage sale and obviously had lots of fun, while at the same time praying with different ones who came to purchase the goodies.

Julie, the President, reports, “we prayed with one lady who had a problem with her knee. She was from a part of town still struggling from the fallout from the quakes. We prayed for another family who are looking for a house to buy in Christchurch and finding it hard” Go girls.. We love your style!

Whangarei in the far north has also celebrated a wonderful birthday this year, 35 years of ministry. Congratulations to Roseann Reynolds and her team, and to all those who have been involved over many years.



30 days of Prayer for the Muslim World

July 9th to August 7th

Our mandate to pray for the Muslim people is especially close to our hearts through the Islamic Holy season of Ramadan. For the past 20 years, booklets have been available to assist in highlighting the various Nations for whom we pray for throughout the 30 days. This year there is a special article “20 years of Progress” which you will enjoy reading.

Booklets available from or phone 021 185 3334 or visit


FROM OUR PLACE TO YOURS… A practise to ponder

In the office we have a wonderful way to start each day, we come into the office, then go into our ‘closet’ (storeroom) and pray for 10 minutes, uninterrupted in tongues. Each one, as we arrive, quietly goes in, regardless of what else may be happening. The first few days it was a little tough as though there was a barrier, but suddenly, an open Heaven!

This morning we wondered if Linda would return to her desk… pondered having to tie a rope to her feet and drag her out! Its amazing the difference it makes. Recipe for good health = ten minutes in tongues to begin the day and repeat as required. Try it.

September 27 – 29 (with additional meetings prior for Leadership Development)

Registrations now open!
This year we have Jeanette attending and the likelihood of 6 others from around the Nation. This is an amazing experience. If you have an inkling to go, let us know. You will be impacted beyond your imagining!  Wouldn’t it be great if we had 20 or more representing New Zealand!

We so enjoy meeting with you, talking with you on the phone and staying in touch through email. Jeanette has many engagements throughout the Nation as we go forward into the year and it’s a delight for her to be out and about speaking and encouraging as she goes.  Please do pray that others will join us in the Office. The more in here, the more we are able to release Jeanette and each other to spend time with you also.

We love the part of our mission statement that speaks of “restoring people to a radiant place of relationship with God and one another”.

Be radiant girls, be restored, and enjoy blessing one another

With love always in Christ…. who is our Lord and Bridegroom King


Jeanette, Linda, Glenda and Judy and remembering our precious Mary who went to be with the Lord on the 8th May 2013




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