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01/05/2017: Jeanette's message to members
Jeanette's message to members
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Dear All

I often reflect upon the words Jane Hansen-Hoyt spoke , Aglow International President,  over us and to us sometime ago:.


As the leader of this ministry, I boldly proclaim that I am looking for a fresh move of God’s Spirit within Aglow!  There is a quickening Spirit upon the truths that He is making so real to us at this time.  This fresh impetus of His Spirit is causing us to move to a glorious new place in the Spirit.  We have come into a new place. Old things are passing away and new things are emerging!

These words, direct from the Holy Spirit, are still fresh and powerful to this day, especially:  ' a quickening Spirit '  and  ' new things are emerging ! ' 

When I started listening to the messages from those who have been invited to speak at the Aglow 50th Celebration, see links on International website, I loved and appreciated being reminded that: God is aligning, that we need to think Kingdom and not get caught in own theology, move in our God given authority, arise, move forward and of course there is much, much more but the all very important thing for me was Gods love and from that love, the Holy Spirit  is opening doors for new things to emerge,

I encourage to you take time to have a listen over a nice cup of tea or as a little notice we have up in the office kitchen says: tea makes everything better especially when sitting down with God.

In the link to Barbara Yoder message, the person who was introducing her said: we are seeing an amazing alignment happening through the nations between different streams, different ministries, and different tribes.  And quick as a flash I saw us, the National Board, back in Tonga where we saw this happening. There was a very clear linking together of church and ministries. We even had one church leader say to us: I have never known this to happen before.  We also saw this, to a lesser degree, in Fiji.

 Here in New Zealand  we, Aglow NZ,  are also experiencing this exact same thing too. God is: aligning different streams, different ministries, and different tribes.

I thank you all and  I encourage you all ,  to continue in this amazing journey we have with our Father, with our Lord, with the precious Holy Spirit.  We are so blessed to have been given that amazing ‘Apostolic Prayer’, Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed by thy name, thy Kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven : let's continue to pray this, desire this and share this. 

Love and abundant blessings to you all.


22/11/2016: Graham Cooke Prophetic word spoken over National Board Members
Graham Cooke   Prophetic word  spoken over National Board Members
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Saturday 22 November 2014 Victory Centre Lower Hutt

It is clear that God has raised you guys up for such a time as this. That you are birthing something in this nation, in the name of Jesus. That you know that Aglow is like a womb in this country, and something is already being birthed in that place. There has already been a conception of something taking place. And that life is now growing in the womb of Aglow in this country.  The Father is saying to each of you that each of you now have an anointing to go together and to go separately into places and to confirm into Aglow in particular what God is actually birthing in that place, and to call things forth and to speak prophetically, in the name of Jesus.  To speak prophetically into Aglow and into this nation, to call forth the things that are not as though they are, in the name of Jesus.

And the Father says on you Jeanette, especially, there is a quickening spirit on you, there is a Divine acceleration on you. That the Lord is saying when you go to places expect something quick to happen.

There is something being birthed. You guys are going out there as midwives, to say something is being birthed here and we are going to make sure it comes full term. You are midwives in the nation, God is going to birth something through your anointing, through your spirit. You are going to see a zeal for prayer and a passion for worship, and you are going to create a strong leadership gift, on you to create men and women who can lead.

The Father said we are going to see in Aglow one heart, one mind, one voice. And you are going to raise up something exceptional, and the Father says to you guys, there is nothing impossible in front of you, everything is possible, everything is do-able.

Right now, I just touch your thinking in the name of Jesus. There is nothing impossible, there is nothing impossible in front of you, there is nothing impossible in front of you.


Father, in the name of Jesus, I ask for financial sponsors to come forth and Father, I ask that you would give them their own place, their own property, their own training centre, their own offices, their own place, Lord, even Father, I want to ask for a recording studio and people to run it, because we are going to see new worship being birthed in Aglow and we are going to see new worship leaders growing up in Aglow, and we are going to see singers and songwriters and musicians coming. We are going to see the song of the Lord being released, we are going to see new levels of worship being released and so I pray Father, in the name of Jesus, I ask that the anointing that is coming into Aglow will be birthed in these people, and Lord, that it will be male and female, and that we together will rise up.

I ask that every individual member of this team will step up and out into a new place of anointing, even if that means walking with the Comforter. Let it happen, in the name of Jesus. Let it happen Lord. Let this thing happen in Jesus’ Name.

Father we just thank you. This is a new day. We need to be apprehended by God. There comes a point when you have to stand up and say This is my time, and this is the day of the Lord for me and I am going to birth something, start something and see it through.

I pray that you guys in Aglow will see a whole Kingdom initiative being raised up.

It is time to say to the Lord, this is who I am, this is who we are, this is what we are going to do, because the Holy Spirit is with us..

Tribute to Rita Restall
Tribute to Rita Restall
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Tribute to Rita Restall, Aglow International NZ’s first president.

Aglow International New Zealand's first president went home to be with her Lord at the beginning of March 2015.

In the beginning God heard the heart-cry of many thousands of women in New Zealand who were hungering for a touch of Him in their lives and who, though so many loved and trusted and followed Father God, and were faithful in their walk with Him, knew there just had to be something more - knew that there had to be a deeper dimension of living than that which was their experience.

Of that heart-cry was born back in 1974 amongst a small handful of Godly, caring women, such a desire to share the love of Jesus, in all His fulness, and to bring those in desert places into the freedom of their full potential as daughters of the living God. Thus Aglow was founded in Blenheim in March 1974, by ordinary women who dared to say "yes" to and trust in their extraordinary God.

Rita was one of those women, going on to head up Aglow nationwide. In November 1975 she was appointed the NZ Outreach Director and a NZ Area Board was selected.  This board was appointed in July 1976, located in Rita's home in Blenheim the National Office was moved to Lower Hutt 1980.   Rita was National President for New Zealand until she retired in Dec 1982.

She overcame many difficulties in the early days of Aglow, a woman of great courage, strength and determination, a trail blazer. She had a strong faith, and she loved the Lord. She loved her family unconditionally, loved celebrations, and was good at practical things like baking and sewing and was a great encourager. She also did a lot of travelling.

There was a little story told at the celebration of her life. When she opened a bank account for Aglow the bank didn't quite know what to do and she was known as Mrs A.G.Low after that.

Janet Robertson, Past National President, paid tribute to Rita. "It was indeed a privilege to serve on the National Board with dear Rita, who gave of herself, time and talents so freely as unto the Lord Jesus Christ. Now this woman of excellence has been called home to rejoice around the throne receive her crown and eternal rest. Well done thou good and faithful servant."

Prov 3: 30,31 The Living Bible was read at the celebration of Rita's life.

A woman who fears and reverences God shall be greatly praised. Praise her for the many fine things she does. These good deeds of hers shall bring her honour and recognition from people of importance. 

This indeed describes this gracious woman of God.

Article in Howick Pakuranga Times
Article in Howick Pakuranga Times
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9th February 2015

CATERING FOR LITTLIES: Laraine Bennett, president of East Auckland Aglow, is glad of C3 Church senior pastor Wayne Peat’s offer of crèche accommodation for the women’s group monthly meetings. Times photo Wayne Martin

FORMER kindergarten teacher Laraine Bennett, conscious of the need to provide environments conducive to mums and their littlies, has found a new home for a women’s group that will accommodate a crèche.

She’s president of East Auckland Aglow, part of an international multi-denominational network that gathers monthly for meetings and prayer groups. Mrs Bennett says the group provides encouragement, support and friendship for women of all denominations.

While the movement was started in New Zealand 40 years ago, the East Auckland group is just two-and-a-half years old and until now its members have met at Te Tuhi in Pakuranga.

But the contemplative nature of the arts and boisterous worship do not always mix. And littlies running about the room can be a distraction for young mums looking to nurture their spiritual and their emotional development.

Mrs Bennett decided a crèche was needed. Enter Wayne Peat, a C3 Church senior pastor, who was guest speaker at an Aglow meeting. On hearing of Aglow’s dilemma he offered the facilities at his Highland Park church, already well geared up for mums and their little ones.

“The music is all here – contemporary and meaningful worship facilities which allow us to be more upmarket.” Mrs Bennett joined Aglow in 1978, by which time her children were older. But, she says, as a former kindergarten teacher, she retains an intense interest in young mums and music.

“I like my contact with the older people as well,” she says. “It’s important for mums with young children to be able to inter-relate with the older ones and hear their stories.

“We encourage women of all ages to join us. But we can’t have the little ones running around the room, hence the need to have a crèche so that the mothers can relax.” Pastor Peat says a sense of family is generated, “a cross-generational activity where people can give support to each other”.

“I felt we could provide a safe environment for women engaged in their spiritual and emotional development.

“This organisation [Aglow] helps them on the journey and some good life transformational stuff takes place.” Mrs Bennett says women of all ages are invited to share “our worship, stories, tears and laughter, and meet other women from our surrounding suburbs”.

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