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A says (22/04/2016 13:55:35):
Thanks again for having the Aglow Convention in Christchurch.
It was wonderful.
M says (28/07/2015 18:15:56):
At a recent Aglow meeting a lady gave her testimony of a healing. She'd broken her shoulder and was having treatment for it. During a taxi trip to the doctor, the taxi driver (a young converted Hindu) asked her if she was a Christian and would she mind if he prayed for her. He told her that God had told him that morning that she would be in his taxi and that God wanted to heal to her. This was a reassurance to her, because she had been worried about the long-term effects of the break especially as she had some degree of osteoporosis. Peace to replace the fear was also part of the healing.

He prayed and also came back to pick her up, after her appointment.

There was a time-lapse between the prayer and the x-ray that showed her shoulder was completely healed!
She had the sling removed at least a couple of weeks before it would normally would be for a person of her age.
The doctor said the shoulder bone even showed no trace of having been broken!
L says (28/07/2015 18:12:13):
At a recent Aglow meeting, there was a “Prophetic Drawing” table. During the worship time, a lady had a strong anointing, she was shaking, and she went and drew a picture of a hand and some words.

There was a cloud, with a trumpet sounding Lord of Lords. The hand said God’s Hand, and from it are coming words … dreams, visions, gifts, promises.

Another lady looked at the drawing, and said, “That’s my hand” – and it was, same shape and same pink from the anaesthetic stuff the hospital used on her hand. She had been operated on a few weeks before, to release a thumb which arthritis had caused to lie across her palm. It was unusable. She had had the plaster cast off the day before and was wearing some thick, heavy, adhesive (two layers) strapping on her hand where they operated to give her eventual thumb movement.

She felt she had been healed. That night, the Lord took the adhesive strapping off her hand while she slept, and it was there in the bed the next morning, along with a whole lot of dead skin,

The Aglow President looked at the drawing too, and there was this pink-coloured hand, with unusually long fingers, the exact shape of this lady’s hand.
She can now write and drive again. She says she has cried and cried tears of thankfulness over it.
HA H says (30/03/2015 20:56:17):
I will never forget the day that I first went into an Aglow meeting. A lovely elderly lady met me at the door with a welcoming smile and hug, though I had never met her before. I had a warm feeling that I had come “Home”. This was a place where there were others who thought like me, wanting to forget about different denominations and differences in our backgrounds but to come together as a family to love and support one another. As the months went by and I listened to the speakers talking about how God had worked in their lives, I was touched and found myself growing in confidence and learning more and more. I heard the words “Aglow is where you grow” and knew that that was what was happening to me and for many others there too. As time went by I offered to help with the posters and then was asked to be a Board member as Minutes Secretary. As the years have gone by I have had opportunities to serve in many different positions on Aglow Boards and I am so grateful for all the encouragement and knowledge I have received and for the wonderful friends I have from Aglow. How comforting to know that Aglow meetings are throughout New Zealand and in 172 Nations of the World that no matter where we may be there are meetings we can go to find Aglow friends.
LD says (30/03/2015 20:46:45):
At Aglow International NZ Conference in Auckland November 2014 I attended A Banner Workshop.
"Ministry without words" was how David Stanfield, the leader, described what we were about to do in the Banner workshop. After explaining a bit about banners and what they were used for, he got us to pick a banner and pair off with someone we didn't know. Then one of us was to pray about a problem or issue but not tell the partner what it was about. The partner then had to seek the Lord on what to do with the banner! After a mild panic and my usual feelings in these situations of inadequacy, I prayed "Please God, guide me, especially for this lady's sake."
To cut a long story short, He did, to her amazement and mine. It was quite mind blowing. But that wasn't all. I prayed and she ministered to me. The banner she had chosen had two larger hands with a heart placed in them. It represented the covenant God has made with us. I heard the Lord say "Your heart is in My hands, don't fear."
Then she held it in front of me and He said "I go before you," and then she held it behind me and He said, "I'm behind you." It reminded me of Isaiah 52:12 which is a verse that's brought comfort a number of times.
There was more and I'm still being ministered to by this experience. It was very powerful.
I'd encourage you to go to an Aglow Conference if you get a chance.
When I reflect on my walk with God some of the most memorable and life changing experiences have been at Aglow Retreats and Conferences.
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